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Extra car keys are a good thing to have! Ask anyone that has lost or broken their only car key and they will agree! It is amazing how many people lose their only car key! Also, the keys get worn out from normal use until one day it doesn't work! We get several such calls everyday! Audi introduced the use of transponders in the U.S. in 2000 in the TT model and in 2001, expanded to other models. The high security key (laser cut) key was first used in 1996. All Audi cars can be programmed by locksmiths. All Audi vehicles that use the transponder key, require a pin code for programming. We can read this pincode. Also, all keys for models from 2006 and current require the key be 'precoded'. We can precode these keys. Therefore, we can make a key and/or remote if you've lost your keys or add additional keys and remotes. The Audi A6, A8, S6 and S8 all use a transponder in the 2001 to current models. The Audi TT started using a transponder in the latter part of 2000. All Audi models use a transponder starting in 2005. The Audi A3, A4, S4 early 2002 production models do not have a transponder system. These models use a vertical door lock button. Models without the vertical door lock button do use the transponder. All other Audi models such as the model 80, 90, 100, 200, 4000, 5000, and Fox, prior to year 2000, do not use a transponder.
Get an extra car key or remote now before your only key or remote is lost, broken or is eaten by the dog! If you have one working key, it is easier for us to produce additional keys. We will go to your place of business, your home, or just about anywhere, and make keys for your car. We are available 24-hour and can make a key for all Audi models. Just have the information about your vehicle when you call. We need to know the Model and Year.
Many people still believe that the dealers are the only ones that can make these car keys. The automotive locksmith industry has top engineers that spend all their time reverse-engineering every vehicle to make it possible for us to make the keys and program them into your car if required. We have programmers that will program these transponder keys We have other equipment that will read the key information directly from the car's immobilizer and write it directly onto a special chip and will start the car without any other programming.
In most cases, transponder keys can be cloned. This means that the 'chip' in the existing key can be copied and written onto a special cloning chip. This will only duplicate your key and will have the exact same electronic signature that the original key has. In this case, if you have the original key erased from the car's memory, then the cloned key will also be erased. Most cloning keys have an internal battery that will die after a number of years. We use the type of cloner that will clone the key permanently and uses no battery. The cloning keys with batteries usually have a bit larger head. The cloning keys we use are as close to the original manufacturer's key as is possible. Sometimes cloning is a better solution to adding extra keys. However, at present time, Audi keys cannot be cloned. The chip is a Megamos Crypto and is used only by a few auto makers and only represents a very small percentage of vehicles. As the engineers see the value of reverse engineering this chip, we will update our systems to include the ability of cloning these keys.
Rekey the locks to a different key if you believe some undesirable person has a copy of your key. On the older cars, in addition to the ignition, there is usually a lock on both front doors, the trunk and in some cases, a glove box. On the newer cars, there is usually a lock only on the driver's door and the ignition, and in some cases, there isn't even a keyed ignition. If your car has a transponder ignition, you can simply delete any programmed key that may be in the wrong hands to prevent the car from being driven away. This won't prevent access to the car, though.
Keys become worn out over time. This is just a simple fact that most people discover. Be proactive and take care of key problems as soon as they begin. Every time you insert the key into a lock, a very small amount of metal is shaved off. It can't be measured each time, but over time, you will be able to see what once was a shiny surface with distint edges, has become smoothed out and not so shiny anymore. If you have to jiggle the key slightly to make the lock turn, you have come to the point in time to take care of it before it becomes a major problem. Sometimes, ignitions will start to 'stick' even though the key is just fine. This is also a symptom to watch for. Soon, the ignition will seize up on you at the most inconvenient time!

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